Multiple Languages

iSoftli already can be used in 16 languages. So let the tourists come in.

App for Android, iPod, iPad & iPhone

Give your waiters one of these devices and they can immediately shoot at the table with your customers orders. Everything is real time directly transmitted to the kitchen and / or bar.

Own layout tables

Make your own layout(s) and add them into your POS system. You can use multiple layouts, such as restaurant, terrace, extra rooms, ...

User rights

Create new users and give them access to only the features that you desire.

Multiple printers

You can easily add multiple printers (kitchen, bar, ...).

Own recipes

It's simple to own pictures to add (and change) for all your dishes or products.


You can daily (or several times) display detailed reports and save reports.

Why iSoftli

  • Unmatched in speed and ease of use
  • Works anywhere, anytime, even without internet
  • No expensive contracts, iSoftli is affordable and does not tie you down for years
  • Evidence that a web application can offer more than an ordinary cash register ever will
  • Keep your hardware! Put it in the cloud via our iSoftli Gateway
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Extra Info

What kind of business can use iSoftli?

Sole traders: Do you have a chip shop, a pizzeria, a coffee bar, a pop-up shop or a moving dining wagon? Our simple yet powerful software you can keep costs low. Simply plug & play.

Restaurant, brasserie, eating house: table management, seamless management of kitchen and bar - organise your location and accounts through a single application. iSoftli is exactly what you need.

Chains / Companies with multiple subsidiaries: No matter how large your company is, iSoftli ensures that everything is at your fingertips in real time, and all of this very simple and fast.

Events / Catering: A barbeque on location or a festival with thousands of festival goers? iSoftli creates a customised solution and faster than you think.

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Can iSoftli also cope with sophisticated situations?

Your till follow your business. When customers sit down together or changing table, it is in a snap adaptable in your till. Also, if a group wants to settle separately per person it is no obstacle for iSoftli. If you wish to customize your dishes or prices during the day, this will be a direct and real-time processing on all devices.

Can we use iSoftli in one shop at same time on Windows and iPad (or Android tablet)?

Yes, iSoftli is a true cloud application and can be used simultaneously on any device (iPad, Android or Linux tablet, touch screen Windows, Mac or Linux). iSoftli just runs on anything with a browser!

The iSoftli Team

iSoftli is a Belgian technology company specializing in making POS software for retailers. We help them easily, reliable and affordable to improve their organisations We love happy customers and work hard to keep them satisfied.


For setup on location and/or training on location there will be an additional charge.
All prices are excluding VAT.

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